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We've hit the big time - sort of. We've been blogged (thanks Renee)! Click the button to the left or type in the following link to visit their website. Be sure to leave a comment!
We've been busy re-writing the script over the past few months, incorporating changes that we felt improved the final product, taking suggestions from the actors and actresses regarding dialogue changes, and working in new ideas that seemed to make sense. I know several of you have been wondering what the status of the movie was, and wondering what had happened with the script, well that was what was happening! Anyway, we now pronounce the script to be finished! NO more revisions! We can now get back to creating the storyboards.
We are very pleased to announce the latest addition to the cast of Crimson Call. Eric Ouelette, former contestent on the hit CBS show "Big Brother", will be playing the role of Detective Elliot Dahmer. Please check out the links on the Movie Cast page for additional information on Eric.
We are now filling out the final Cast and Crew positions. If you're interested in any of the following roles, contact us through the email link and state the role you are interested in within the subject line of the email. We'll respond with a description of the character in question as well as what their role in the film consists of. Following are the remaining outstanding positions to be filled:

-Detective Jim Barnes / Voyeur / Miscellaneous Bar Patrons / Police Chief / Pimp / Prostitute #2, Prostitute #3 / Drug Dealer / Drug Buyer / Waiter / Miscellaneous Restaurant Patrons / Biker #1 / Biker #2 / Biker #3 / Bartender/April / Drunk/Joe / Miscellaneous Bar Patrons / Prostitute #2 / Limousine Driver / Reporter #1 / Reporter #2 / Reporter #3 / DP/Camera Operator (High Importance!!!) / Special Effects / Makeup
In order to create a certain look, we need classic vehicles from the 1950's through the very early 1970's. We're specifically searching for muscle cars and sports cars - all black - for use in the film. We already have one beautiful black 1st generation Camaro commited to the film. We are especially interested in obtaining access to the following vehicles:

-a black 50's Cadillac convertible
-a black 50's or early 60's Porsche or Corvette (unless we can get our hands on a Lotus Elise!)
-a black late 60's or early 70's Volkswagon Beetle
-a black 60's Ford Thunderbird
-an older non-descript black van, 4-door passenger car, or station wagon

Our intent is to post images of these vehicles, and links to the proud owners, at a later date.
Finally, we'd like to acknowledge the very latest business to join our project. The excellent bladesmith firm of Black Mountain Arms, LLC has accepted the challenge of creating the knife we need for this production. Their artisans specialize in the hand crafting of swords - and very...very...very...large knives. You can see a sketch of the proposed blade at the Storyboard and Sketch link, and there is a link to their website on the Business Support page.
We are currently looking for locations to use in the film. Namely, the following:

-Isolated building, set back into the forest.
-Large basement type room
-Additional bar locations
-Large upscale bath room
-Office type environment
-Large bedroom

If you have access to such locations, please contact us.
We'll soon begin recruiting investors. So if ya know of any - send em our way!
Finally, we'd like to welcome the latest addition, Aaliyah Christine, to our cast. You can see her photo and email link on the Movie Cast page.
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Tentative Release Date: 06-06-06