Following are businesses who have graciously agreed to allow us the use their products or facilities. Please use the links below to visit their websites and establishments. Such cooperation should definitely be encouraged!

On the other hand, if you own an establishment and would like to see your business or services credited in the movie, feel free to contact us via the email link below.
Film Locations and Business Support:
Black Wolf Vineyards and The Wolf's Lair Restaurant:
Black Wolf Vineyards and The Wolf's Lair Restaurant estate are located in Dobson, North Carolina. While the vineyard supplies world class wine, the Restaurant provides a dining experience that has to be experienced to be believed. Situated above the Fisher River, the morning mist rolls in blanketing the formal garden, "Wolfsbane", in folds of mystery and romance. The meterorite embedded into the garden wall adds a special touch you just don't see every day. Will touching the stone bring you good luck? There's only one way to find out!

If you are interested in any of their fine wine products, would like to contact the vineyard or restaurant, or would like directions to the estate, Black Wolf Vineyards website and contact information can be accessed at the following link:
Aries Lounge:
Aries Lounge is one of the newest and most exciting night life establishments in Raleigh, North Carolina! Located on West Morgan Street, original artists paintings decorate the red brick walls, and the owner, Margaret, is always up to something! Their calendar of events regularly include events like "Blackout Night", "S.I.N. Night", "Boneyard Wednesdays", "Latin Music Night", "Passion Party Night", "Jazz Anew Night", and "Fetish Party Night".

Their drink list includes "Devil's Kiss", "Flaming Dragon", "Southern Homicide", "Angel's Halo", "Home By Dawn", and their signature drink - "Big Ram".

If you'd like to contact Aries Lounge for directions, or just want to find out what they are currently scheduling in the way of events, their website and contact information can be accessed at the following link:
SGBA Productions, LLC was established in 1998 by four professional woment who have worked in the fashion industry for over 15 years collectively. The company was created to meet a growing desire by the general public for a more personal involvement and commitment to providing quality event production services to clients. They pride themselves in being able to produce efficient and effective events utilizing the latest in 3D modeling, scheduling and graphics programs.

If you'd like to contact SGBA Productions, LLC, their website and contact information can be accessed at the following link:
SGBA Productions, LLC:
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Black Mountain Arms, LLC is a fascinating company located in the mountains of Fairplay, CO. Black Mountain Arms has agreed to provide the knife being used in the movie, and has proven wonderful to work with. They really know what they're doing! They have a reputation for providing quality products at a fair price. Check out their gallery for the latest in their product line.

More information on this company will be added soon, so keep checking back to see the latest developments. In the meantime, if you'd like to contact Black Mountain Arms, LLC, or would simply like to check them out, their website and contact information can be accessed at the following link (be sure to tell them where you heard about them at):
Black Mountain Arms, LLC: