A small southern city is stalked by a serial killer. The morning sun finds a series of bloodless victims scattered throughout the city. The citizens lock their doors every sunset, hoping only to survive until morning.

Detectives Dahmer and Barnes head up the task force investigating the murders and are desperate to catch the killer. They encounter one frustrating obstacle after another. The police chief threatens to relieve them of their duties for perceived incompetence. The newspapers have already dubbed the serial killer as the "Vampire Killer", and a constant drumbeat for action issues from the press.

During the course of the investigation, they encounter a mysterious pair of ladies, Regan and Heather. Immediately Dahmer is mesmerized by Regan and begins to take more than a professional interest in her. Heather meanwhile seems to take delight in tantalizing and misleading the detective. She stands in Dahmer's path at every turn.

Eventually, it becomes clear that Heather and Regan are somehow deeply involved in the mysterious circumstances, yet despite his best efforts Dahmer can't fathom exactly how they are involved. For some reason, the women can't - or won't - divulge their secrets.

The death toll rises with each new full moon, and the detectives suspicions continue to grow. In the final bloody ending, the incredible truth is finally revealed and the true killer is exposed. Some will live and some will die, the only question is - who?

(Crimson Call is copyright 2005, and is based upon an original script by Scottie Miller.)
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(Following is a rough draft of the long synopsis and other information intended for eventual distribution to potential investors.)
Movie Synopsis
"The Plan"
"Crimson Call" is a horror/mystery movie targeted towards the 18 to 35 year old male audience with disposable income. It is best described as a combination of the movies "From Dusk Til Dawn", "Feardotcom", "Kiss the Girls", and "Innocent Blood". The movie will rely heavily on a sound track being developed exclusively for the movie by independent artists, somewhat in the manner of the movie "Heavy Metal". The sound track will reinforce the pacing and mood of the movie.

The movie will utilize new talent for the majority of cast positions, with Eric Ouelette providing a certain amount of celebrity and additional marketing potential. Eric already has an established fan base, and websites exist that track his current career moves, thereby increasing the films exposure.

The movie will be filmed utilizing high definition digital video and editing equipment. Use of such equipment will keep production costs to a minimum, allow for immediate dailies, allow a certain amount of rough editing prior to final post-production efforts, provide extensive flexibility in how the movie is filmed and the effects that can be achieved, and provide the most "bang for the buck" in achieving high production values.

The movie will be marketed primarily towards larger entertainment and film distribution firms that have a proven positive disposition towards Indie productions. The movie will also be marketed via film festivals, the internet, and limited theater premiers in various parts of the country.

The ultimate goal of the marketing effort is to have the movie picked up for distribution in both the domestic as well as international markets. Due to the nature of the digital video equipment being planned for use in filming, alternate languages can easily be dubbed in thereby translating the movie into Spanish, French, or Japanese without losing background audio or music, and as such increasing it's value.