Character: Heather
Heather is quiet, seductive - and continuously leaves the authorities tongue tied. Ostensibly cooperative with the police in their investigation of a series of mysterious murders, she nevertheless baffles them by her behaviour. While intensely protective of her friend Regan, the real reason behind her actions and their relationship remains a mystery. Her sensuality is her strength, and she knows how to use it. But will her wiles be enough to see her through the events that unfold around her?

The role of Heather is played by new Model and Actress Casey Lynn. While she currently has limited exposure, you can see more of Casey's images in the Model directory for Southern Image Photography.

Casey can be contacted via the following email link:
Character: Regan
If Heather is pure seduction, Regan is raw power. While just as reclusive as her friend Heather, Regan exudes a certain magnetic energy that proves impossible to ignore by anyone she comes into contact with. Just how powerful she is, and if her strength is sufficient for her survival, remains to be seen as circumstances swirl to a crescendo around her.

The role of Regan is played by new Actress Maria Anolivia. More biographical information is coming soon, and she will debut her own photo album in the Southern Image Photography Model website, but in the meantime you can contact Maria directly at the following email link:
Character: Detective Elliot Dahmer
Detective Dahmer is the lead detective for the task force investigating the series of bloody murders plaguing the city. He is young, smart, and has enjoyed a rapidly rising career. A tenacious investigator, fasidious personality and shrewd politician, he is mesmerized by Heather and Regan. He knows the women are withholding information, and will stop at nothing to discern their secrets. The only question is if his interests are purely professional.

The role of Detective Dahmer is being played by Eric Ouelette. Eric is a firefighter and former contestent on the hit television show "Big Brother". Eric can be contacted at the following email link:
Character: Detective Jim Barnes
Detective Barnes is the right hand man to Detective Dahmer. Nearing retirement as a burned out drunk, his career was in the tank until Detective Dahmer hand picked him to help run the task force investigating the serial killer. In return, Detective Barnes has invested what little remains of his reputation in supporting Detective Dahmer at every turn. He thinks he is making a difference, yet once again someone else is taking credit for all of his hard work.

The role of Detective Barnes is currently UNFILLED. Interested parties may inquire via the email link at the bottom of this site.
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Character: Police Chief Branagan
Police Chief Branagan has his hands full! He's got a morgue full of bloodless corpses, a detective who is too enamored of the prime suspects to think straight, a bumbling burnt out detective who should have retired years ago, and an investigation into a serial killer that's going nowhere - as well as a press corp that won't be denied a good story.

The role of Police Chief Branagan is currently UNFILLED. Interested parties may inquire via the email link at the bottom of this site.
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